Make Up Chit Chat

Hey Guys!,

Hope you are all doing fine!.

So the title of this new post doesn´t say much about what I´m going to talk right now.

It´s not a well put together post. It´s just me trying to put in words every single thought I had through the day about make up.

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Dior Mascara Review

Hi guys!

Hope you are all doing fine. Today I’m posting about the Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara.

I’ve been really tired lately of trying all these different cheap drugstore mascaras (at least the ones I’ve chosen did not work for me) that use to clump in my eyelashes and made them fall so much! I was getting really afraid of loosing them ALL, specially since I’d always had considerably long lashes.

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As you already know, TMI stands for Too Much Information. I will do this tag so you can get to know me a little bit more, know about the things I like and don´t like, and it will also be helpful for you to figure out the kind of things that I will be posting in this blog. Cause what´s the purpose of it than knowing the facts of my life!!

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