Dior Mascara Review

Hi guys!

Hope you are all doing fine. Today I’m posting about the Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara.

I’ve been really tired lately of trying all these different cheap drugstore mascaras (at least the ones I’ve chosen did not work for me) that use to clump in my eyelashes and made them fall so much! I was getting really afraid of loosing them ALL, specially since I’d always had considerably long lashes.

After some mascara chit chat with one of my work friends, she told me that she used to have the same issue and that’s why she started buying some expensive brand mascaras, because they were really good quality and were really worth it. I was kinda doubtful at first, but then after going to a trip with my bf we went to a duty free shop and started looking for these “oh so special mascaras”. I found one that was the most recommended by this friend but I wasn’t really sure.

I’ve always been really obsessed with the Dior brand. I find it so luxurious and eye catching that I started looking at the different kinds of brushes. One of the most important tips I have is to always get the brush that looks like in the picture below because, in my opinion, it makes your eyelashes look longer and separated and not altogether and clumped.

The images you can see above show exactly what this Dior Mascara is. It´s beautiful, the brush is amazing, and over all it´s in my opinion the best mascara I´ve ever had. And the price is not so bad either, since it´s really worth it ( Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara 090, $31.50 dollars)

So, if you are looking to buy this, don´t hesitate at all!!! I have no more words to say about it.

Check out in this last image below how my eyelashes look after more than 12 hours applied:

FullSizeRender (1)

Hope you liked this review and let me know what you guys think of it or the mascara you use so I can try something new!

´Till my next blog!



5 thoughts on “Dior Mascara Review

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  1. Love it!! I have extremely straight lashes, and my drug store mascaras are just subpar right now, but I love the results you got from this product!! I most definitely will add it to my makeup list!! Great review!!

    xoxo Joslyn

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