Make Up Chit Chat

Hey Guys!,

Hope you are all doing fine!.

So the title of this new post doesn´t say much about what I´m going to talk right now.

It´s not a well put together post. It´s just me trying to put into words every single thought I had through out the day about make up.

First of all, I want to make a clear statement: Everything I´m about to say in this post is just my humble opinion. I´m in no way criticizing anyone or anything. Just expressing my thoughts.


So today I went to work, as any other day. I woke up really sleepy, just wanting to stay in bed the whole day (really lazy I know!).I put on the clothes I picked up the day before, brushed my teeth, washed my face (splash of water), combed my hair, put on some perfume, grabbed my bag and leave the house.

Do you think I´m missing something in my morning routine? Well, yes I AM. I just didn´t put any make up on. Not even the tiniest bit. Not even concealer, or any powder. I know what you are all gonna say: What the hell where thinking going out like that!

Well, let me explain you some things.

In my country, my little country, we are very simple. Most of us girls, are not taught to wear everyday make up. Since being little girls, we play with our moms make up, dress up with their clothes and pretend to be grown ups, at least thats what Ii liked to do as a little girl. The thing is, when we are growing up, we feel that putting make up on is still a grown up thing. Around the age 15 or so we start going out at night to parties or even to night clubs (we call them matinees because they are only for the ages of 14,15 to 18, no alcohol of course). This is the only moment when we get to play with make up a little bit. However, on a daily basis we don´t wear anything. We only wash our faces and that´s it. We go to school like that. The girls that tend to “contradict” this, usually get all the ugly looks. I know this may sound really weird to most of you.

It´s just a very small country, where no one thinks out of the box. As I told you in another post, I´m 22 years old. So to you this may sound like I´m a big girl now. Well, let me tell that for daily make up not so much. I´ve seen that in many other countries it´s soo common to wear lots of make up. Lots of different products are bought for your daily make up routine. I´ve always watched make up routines and I must say that I´m always shocked by how much make up and products girls put on their faces. I can affirm that most of the girls in my country don´t even know half of the products other girls use. At my age, we usually use, at the very most, concealer, a bit of powder to set everything and mascara. The ones that dare to use a little bit more, wear a very thin line of eyeliner, and that´s it!

What do you think about it? Well, I think in a way it´s better. We show each other our true selves. We are not trying to expose an image that is not real. The way we look in the mornings is the same way we look through the day. No surprises. But, on the other hand, I thinks it´s nice to wear make up, to show our most feminine side, to enjoy being girls. Of course it makes you more beautiful, i´m not gonna lie. With make up on you accentuate every good look, and disguise every imperfection. You always feel photoshoot ready. It´s awesome.

Today, I felt in some way, relieved because here, in my country, I don´t have to stress over looking perfect all of the time. But on the other hand I was very self concious about my dark under eye circles, about my acne break outs, and because I wasn´t feeling very beautiful.

With this chit chat I´m trying to say that it´s great both ways. To wear make up and to not wear it. But just being able to do it whenever you want it, whenever you feel like it. Not being judged if one day you want to have a very “natural” look, or you wanna look “perfect”. You are perfect the way you are, with all your imperfections, ALWAYS. But I understand that some days you just feel like you wanna hide those imperfections, just to level up a little bit your self esteem. And that is, to ME, soooooo acceptable.

So what I´m going to do, is just whenever I feel like it, wear all the make up I want and whenever I dont feel like it wear, no make up at all and not feel “ugly” or “self concious” about it, just enjoy being make up free.

I hope that with this new post I get to show you how different cultures we have, how something that to so many people is natural, to others is something so “crazy”.

Tell me what you think about it on the comment section down below.  Also tell me if you´d like to read more posts like this!.

Have a great day, and talk to you on my next post!




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