How to Stop Being so Negative

Hey guys! I'm back again! This time I want to talk about "How to Stop Being so Negative" by explaining you (from my own experience) five simple steps to accomplish it. Before having my boyfriend, I used to be a very negative person without even noticing. I always excused myself by saying I was a... Continue Reading →

Make Up Chit Chat

Hey Guys!, Hope you are all doing fine!. So the title of this new post doesn´t say much about what I´m going to talk right now. It´s not a well put together post. It´s just me trying to put into words every single thought I had through out the day about make up. First of... Continue Reading →


As you already know, TMI stands for Too Much Information. I will do this tag so you can get to know me a little bit more, know about the things I like and don´t like, and it will also be helpful for you to figure out the kind of things that I will be posting... Continue Reading →

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